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Vietnam Peace International Packaging Co.,Ltd

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Viet Nam Peace International Packaging Co., Ltd has multiple units ofplastic extrusion drawing machine, circular loom, lamination machine, multi-color printing machine, and other equipment assisting the production.  Starting from the virgin polypropylene resin, we guarantee the product quality, consistency and reliability. The company produces main products such as BOPP color film bag, Bulk bags ( FIBCs), conventionall woven bag, Paper bags, regular PP bag, Tow in one woven bag, … It has the characterics of high strength, corrosion resistance, non – breakage, non – toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof, etc. The square bottom valve pocket is simple to fill, no need for seams, and the pallets are neat and tidy.

We customize your bags based on your packaging needs.  We provide a wide range of fabric weight, various bag configurations, up to 9-color high quality printing, different bag closures, and other features such as perforation, anti-slip, Ez open, plastic handlers, etc.  Our block bottom valve bags and BOPP bags are well adopted on automated filling equipment by many customers. Vietnam Peace International Packaging Co., Ltd serves customers globally.  Our products are widely used by various industries in more than ten countries over five regions, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, France, Japan, Pakistan, Argentina, etc.

  • Tax Number: 5700473709
  • Year Established: 2015

Products: BOPP color film bag, Bulk bags (FIBCs), Paper bags, Regular PP Bag

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