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Thang Loi Textile & Garment Joint Stock Company was equitized from SOE Textile & Garment Company in 2006. Initially, the company was established under the name Vinatexco and Vinatefinco in 1959. Over half a century of existence and development, the company has been upgraded through new investment and equipment replacement to expand production. So far, the production scale of the company includes:

Yarn Industry: With a total capacity of 90,000 spindles of which 20,000 new spindles were invested in 2001, the company’s yarn production capacity is 8,000 tons per year with various types: from 10’s to 50’s score; Cotton and carded combed, Polyester, Viscose and mixed fibers, meeting the diverse needs of the market.

Fabric industry:

  • Cloth: The company has 243 sword and gas weaving machines, of which 64 are from 280 to 330cm, which is one of the few Vietnamese enterprises that produce fabric of 3m width. Production capacity is 10 million m / year.
  • Fabric: 2 flat screen printing machines, 1 rotary screen printing machine, 1 continuous dyeing line, 16 dyeing machines and other auxiliary equipment in the line. The company has the capacity to produce 15 million meter per year of cotton fabrics and dye with the (kho) from 160 to 300cm.

Garment industry: capacity of 30 garment lines serving both exporting and domestic consumption allowing the company to take on large orders with diversified products: shirts, trousers, jackets, bed-clothes, etc.  with an output of over 4 million products/ year.

  • Company: Thang Loi Textile Garment JSC
  • Tax Number: 300402983
  • Registration Date: 04/08/1998
  • Address: 2 Truong Chinh Street, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 28 3815 3044
  • Fax: +84 28 3815 3076
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Products: Shirts, Trousers, Jackets, Bed-clothes

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