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As a leader in our industry, we help our customers and partners build and manage high-performance operations to rapidly achieve more efficient and effective business impact.


  • Products for Home Textiles (Welcare “Blanket” Product; Welcare “Pillow and Healthy Pillow” Product; Welcare “Cloth Napkins” Product; Welcare “Bolster” Product; Welcare “Cushions” Product; Welcare “Cushions for Chair” Product; Welcare “Baby Bedding Set” Product; Welcare “Cloth Diapers” Product)
  • Products for Automotive (Headliner; Trunk Liner; Air Cabin filter; Seat Back; Sun Shade; Pocket Net; Handle Adjust Reclining; Rigid Tape)
  • Products for Industrial (Industrial for Air Conditioner; Industrial for Boat & Sail; Industrial for Aircraft Interiors; Products for Garment; Products for Garment Accessories; Products For Sports Wear)
  • Producrs for Health Care (Welcare “Face Mask”; Welcare “Back Support” Product; Welcare “Wrist & Ankle Subport” Product; Cap & Gown for Clean Room)

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