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The experiment of the making of fish sauce fist began in 1910 when Laichiang carefully selected different fish species that he femented in earthen jars in order to compare the differences. The experiment indicated that anchovy gave the best taste. Laichiang thus began making anchovy-based fish sauce for distribution. At the time, salt was commonly used in the kitchen. However, Laichiang perseverance paid off, thanks to the quality and the delectable taste of the new flavouring. Within a few years. His fish sauce was warmly accepted by the people in Chonburi and other provinces in the vicinity and was eventually popular with the Thai people. With an increasing number of consumers, Laichiang’s fish sauce business thrived with the passing years and in 1919 the Tang Sang Ha Fish Sauce factory was built at the Hokkian pier in the province of Chonburi. Meanwhile, gigantic concrete fermenting wells were built jutting out into the sea. Laichiang was personally responsible for the design and the construction of the entire project which has won praises from contemporary architects. The product is known in the market under the brand name of Tiparos.

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Products: Fish Sauce, Distilled Vinegar, Food Seasoning Powder, Oyster Sauce Powder

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