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Message from the president’s Srithai Moulds Co.,Ltd. started its mold-making business in the year 1990. It employed machinery and tools which could make small molds less than 3 tons in weight, and focused mainly on molds factors and household utensils. In 1995, I foresaw that electrical appliance in 2000 automobile industries and In 2012 Packaging Part made impressive growth. Manufacturers tried to replace metal parts with plastic parts to bring cost down. Many companies were importing molds from their parent companies abroad. I therefore directed Srithai mould to the development and improvement of mold-making technique. A group of Japanese experts gave us technical assistance. I increased capital expenditure budgets to buy modern and bigger machinery and highly efficient computer software, so the production capacity of the company was increased to making molds of 12 tons in weight. Srithai moulds could serve needs of any company in Thailand for mold-making by that time. As a result, Srithai Moulds could gain more and more confidence from its clients in many industries in Thailand and abroad.

With over 27 years’ experience in mold-making and with a record of making more than 2,700 sets of mold, Srithai Moulds Co.,Ltd. has earned the confidence of our clients in many industries. Srithai Moulds Company will continue to improve the production technique to ensure that we can always serve the needs our clients.


  • Capital: 100 Million Baht
  • Employee: 113 (2016)
  • Factory Area: 22,400 m2
  • Company Certification: ISO 9001:2015
  • Value Customer: Panasonic; Sharp Appliances; Sanko Gosei; Hitachi Battery; Snc; Ckd; Diwa; Hittachi Consumer Products (Thailand); Inoac Industries Thailand; Kang Youg Electric; Kohbunshi Kyoto Electric; Kasei; Mitsubishi Consumer Product; Mitsumi Thailand; Molten Thailand; Nissen Chemitec; Nissinbo; Siam Daikin; Siam Zexel; Srithai Plaschem; Srithai Superware; Summit Ansei; Summit Auto Seat; Summit Steering Wheel; Thai Arai

Products: Electrical Part, Packaging Part, Precision Part, Other Part

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