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We believe investment in quality is never in vain.  We don’t compromise and strive to be the best, and extend that goal to everything we do, from following Good Manufacturing Practices, to being a good corporate citizen in all the communities we operate.  All our products are developed so that our customers can beautify and protect their properties because we know form and function are not mutually exclusive.

Since 1970, Mowilex has manufactured premium grade paints, serving home owners, architects, commercial property owners and developers who have demanded product excellence and color variety.  We stake claim for number of firsts in our market, including the first to introduce water-based paints in Indonesia, and the first to switch from selling pains in volume, not weight.

Being a good corporate citizen is deeply rooted in our company culture.  In 2018 alone we conducted over 125 charity activities, supplying paints and other coating materials to schools, town halls, and faith organizations.  Furthermore, our employees had a 95% participation rate in raising funds for disaster relief in Palu.  And, Mowilex proudly delivered over 15 tons of food and aid to victims, sending a small army of volunteer employees to deliver it.

  • Company: PT Mowilex Indonesia
  • Year Established: 1970
  • Address: Daan Mogot KM 10 No. 18, Jakarta 11710, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62 21 540 6663 / +62 24 760 9198 / +62 717 910 0910
  • Fax: +62 21 619 2764 / +62 21 545 1287
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:


  • Interiors (Mowilex Emulsion; Mowilex Emulsion VIP; Mowilex Vinyl Silk; ect)
  • Exterior (Mowilex Weathercoat; Mowilex WP02 Waterproof; Mowilex Roof Paint; Ect)
  • Building Solution (Mowilex Alcaplast Skimcoat Grey; Mowilex Alcaplast Skimcoat White; Mowilex Alcaplast Repair; Ect)
  • Wood & Metal Coating (Mowilex Woodstain; Mowilex Cat Kayu & Besi; Mowilex Precoat Wood Filler; Mowilex Precoat Stain Blocking Wood Primer; Ect)
  • Stone & Fiber Coating (Mowilex Fiberstain; Mowilex Fiberprimer; Mowilex Varnish Batu Alam Natural;Ect)

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Daan Mogot KM 10 No. 18, Jakarta 11710, Indonesia