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MMC Metal Fabrication is providing quality products and good after-sales technical service from the Tropical Island in Indonesia to all over the world.

We are the specialized company in the welded pressure vessels and sheet metal combining of industrial infrastructure including Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Fertilizer, Agricultural chemicals, Power Plant and Thermal processing industries.

  • Company: PT. MMC Metal Fabbrication
  • Address: Cikarang Industrial Estate I, Jl. Jababeka XIIB Blok W.26 Cikarang, Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62 21 893 6733
  • Fax: +62 21 892 6737/ +62 21 893 6738
  • Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
  • Website:

Products: Vessel, Heat exchanger (H/E), Piping, Radiant tube (R/T), Muffle

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