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With the acquisition of Korea Nonwoven Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 1972, Korea Vilene Co., Ltd. became foreign direct investment company in 1998 by taking over each 50% of company shares by Freudenberg and Japan Vilene Co., Ltd, that produces nonwovens in Korea.

The investors, Freudenberg & Co. (established in 1849) has the best in the worldwide latest technology of ‘Seals and Vibrations”, ‘Nonwovens’, ‘Households’, ‘Chemical specialties’ and Japan Vilene Co., Ltd. produces engineering Fabrics of nonwovens. With the inducement of the advanced technology, Korea Vilene strives to maintain and develop worldwide leading products and also strive to be the reliable engineering fabrics of nonwovens quality and service to the customer.

  • Company: PT. Korea Vilene
  • Address: Agung Karya V Block B No.7 Sunte Podomoro Jakarta 14340, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62 21 650 6869/ +62 815 900 7364
  • Fax: +62 21 650 6871
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:


  • Apparel: Interlining, Polyester Woven Interlining, Nonwoven Interlining, Polyester Woven Interlining, Vilene Shirt(Top-fuse), Polyester Knit Interlining, Wadding, Brassiere-cup Nonwoven, Down bag, SL(Waistband & Tape), Material for Dress
  • Automotive Interior: Nonwoven skin for headlining, Car interior materials, Nonwoven for insulation, PET substrate for headlining
  • Hygienic / Medical: Non-woven fabric for the top sheet of a diaper, Non-won fabric for spreading layers of a diaper, Non-woven fabric at Disposable Band-Aid, Non-woven fabric for Patch or Poultice, Non-woven fabric for Plaster, Non-woven fabric for Cosmetics
  • Filter: Filters for Automobiles, Filters for General Air Flowing System (Conditioning and Heating), Filters for Home Appliances, Filters for Dust Collectors
  • Staple fiber

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