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As a leader in our industry, we help our customers and partners build and manage high-performance operations to rapidly achieve more efficient and effective business impact.

  • Company: Korat Saisan Co., Ltd
  • Legal Representative: Mizuno
  • Year Established: 1990
  • Address: Suranaree Industrial Zone, 224 Ratchsima-Chokechai Rd., Nongbuasala, Mueang, Nakhon Ratchasima 30000, Thailand
  • Phone: +66 4421 2687 / +66 4421 2688 / +66 4421 2689 / +66 4421 2690
  • Fax: +66 4421 2686
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:


  • Capital: 130 Million Baht
  • Production Capacity: 35 Sets/Month (Mold); 2 Million Stroke/Month (Parts)
  • Value Customer: Ys Pund Co., Ltd; Honda Engineering Asian Co., Ltd; G-Tekt (Thailand) Co., Ltd; G-Tekt Eastern Co., Ltd; Thai International Die Making Co., Ltd; Ogihara (Thailand) Co., Ltd; H-One Parts (Thailand) Co., Ltd; F-tech MFG (Thailand) Co., Ltd; Bangkok Eagle Wings Co., Ltd; Thai MetALTECH Co., Ltd; Thai Autoparts Industry Co., Ltd; Thai Rebirth Co., Ltd; Yorozu Engineering Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd; ASNO Horie (Thailand) Co., Ltd; Siam Goshi Manufatoring Co., Ltd; Daisin Co., Ltd; Hiruta Asteer Summit Co., Ltd; PCS Precision Works Co., Ltd; Thairung Union Car Public Co., Ltd; Nissin Brake (Thailand) Co., Ltd; Korat Matsushita Co., Ltd; Bestech (Thailand) Co., Ltd


  • Dies for Stamping & Press All Kinds of Car’s Automotive Parts
  • Dies for Stamping & Press Electricity and Electronic Parts
  • Automotive Parts
  • Electronic Parts

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