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For more than 60 years presenting in construction industry since its establishment in 1945, Kim Hoe Thye Building Materials Sdn Bhd. has consolidated its position in Malaysia that best known for supplying first class quality of building material for construction needs.

Kim Hoe Thye Building Materials Sdn Bhd. is one of the main suppliers for Malaysian mega projects. We provide varieties of high quality hardware such as cement, skin coat, roofing tile, clay roofing, iron, brick, Aluminum & Stainless Steel PVC, etc. coupled with very competitive prices, and with excellent delivery services throughout Malaysian.

We are able to extend competitive pricing to our customers whom are developers, civil contractors, building contractors, structural contractors, infrastructure contractors, piling contractors, plumbers, renovators as well as hardware dealers and etc. as majority of our products are directly from manufacturers. Apart from the volume of business, important factors that contributing to our pricing strength include financial capacity, supports extended by manufacturers, and efficiency in overhead management.

Kim Hoe Thye witnesses the changes in construction market over decades, while upgrading its operational style to keep pace with market evolvement, it never compromises its original principle that: integrity, plus best price, best quality, and best services toward customers success.

  • Company: Kim Hoe Thye Building Materials Sdn Bhd
  • Year Established: 1945
  • Address: No.26, Jalan Jabbar, Parit Jawa,84150 Muar, Johor, Malaysia
  • Phone: +60 6987 339
  • Fax: +60 6987 3388
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:


  • Bricks & Pavers (Bricks; Facing Bricks; Cement Sand Bricks; Ect)
  • Hardware Items (Galvanised Zeet Sheet; Concrete Nails; White Lime; Ect)
  • Scaffolding & Accessories (Scaffolding Frame; Cross Brace; G.I. Pipe; Walking Board G.I; Ect)
  • Door & Windows (PVC Door; Fired Rated Door; Timber Flush Door; Ect)
  • Fiber Cement Board (Fiber Cement Boards; External Wall Cladding; Decorative Fencing; Ect)
  • Pre-Cost Concrete Products (Box Culvert; Pipe Culvert; Retaining Wall; Ect)
  • Roofing Material (Concrete Tile; Clay Tile)
  • Steel & BRC (Steel Bar; Mild Steel Round Bar; BRC Wire Mesh)

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