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K.L. Interfood Co., Ltd

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K.L. Interfood Co., Ltd has begun as Tamarind supplier in early 2000 by export various kinds of Tamarind product in many countries. Both sweet tamarind and sour tamarind are well known under the Natcha , Rada and King brand. K.L. Interfood Co., Ltd focused on world wide marketing and trading who are especially interested in Thailand’s Tamarind products. Thai tamarind is unique as they possess the sweetest taste and high nutrition.

K.L. Interfood Co., Ltd is a Tamarind manufacturer & farm of Sweet Tamarind. We have been receiving warm reputation from around the world. Our products are carefully made with selected fine ripe tamarind fruit from Lomsak district of Phetchabun province in Thailand. Tamarind is also know as the Provincial tree of Phetchabun province. Tamarind Thailand have a lot of flavor such as Sweet Tamarind or Sour Tamarind. We are developing more new products such as Tamarind Powder , Tamarind Paste , Tamarind Sauce , Tamarind Drink  To extend the tamarind To be known to the world more And promote the farmers of Thailand to have revolving income to the community.

  • Company: K.L. Interfood Co., Ltd
  • Year Established: 2000
  • Address: 58/76 Moo 3, Tambol Klong Kuear Amper Parkkred Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand
  • Phone: +66 2981 7731 / +66 2981 7732 / +66 2981 7737
  • Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
  • Website:

Products: Sweet Tamarind, Ready to Eat Sweet Tamarind, Preserved Tamarind Candy, Tamarind Balls, Preserved Tamarind Plum Flavour

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58/76 Moo 3, Tambol Klong Kuear Amper Parkkred Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand