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Was established in the year 1993, which has expanded the business into food supplements and pharmaceuticals for pigs, poultry and terrestrial animals. The company is an agent to import and distribute quality products from quality companies. And famous for many companies around the world such as PCS (USA), Hifeed (Netherland), Provimi (Netherland)

The Intech Group of Companies has been established with the objective and objective to produce, procure, import and distribute quality products. Along with providing technical services to customers and society continuously by taking into account the animal husbandry business, the well-being of humankind and the environment is important.

The company’s success is the award that customers give to the company to provide academic products. And quality services for customers and society Was established in 1993, which has expanded into a food business.

Products: Aquatic Animal, Swine, Poultry, Ruminant, Pet

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