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Seaprodex Hanoi was transformed from a state-owned company, Hanoi Fisheries Import-Export Company, into a joint stock company from 1 January 2007 Business Registration Certificate No. 0103012492 issued by Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi on  December 22, 2006. Hanoi Fisheries Import-Export Company was first established under the Decision No. 544HS / QD of the Minister of Fisheries on July 5, 1980 under the name of Hanoi Seafood Import-Export Branch under the Seafood Import-Export Company Vietnam (Seaprodex Vietnam). It was renamed Seaprodex Hanoi by the Decision No. 126 TS / QD of April 16, 1992 by the Minister of Fisheries and re-established under the Decision No 251 / QD- TC of March 31, 1993 of the Minister of Fisheries, being an independent accounting member unit of the Vietnam Fisheries Corporation – Ministry of Aquatic Resources.

Since its inception on July 5, 1980, Seaprodex Hanoi has grown steadily from a small-scale import-export agency with a small capital (1980 to 1992) to a leading seafood import-export company in the North with a capital of 34.705 billion VND (according to Decision No.251 / QD-TC of March 31, 1993). 1993 to 2006 was the period of strong development and the company has become a prestigious importer and exporter in the domestic and foreign markets. The company has grown steadily in both size and financial resources. From the beginning, the company had factories only. In 2000, the company owned 5 subsidiaries. Plants are fully equipped and the capital of the company has grown steadily from 34,705 billion VND in 1993 to 70 billion VND in 2006. Currently, Hanoi Fisheries Import-Export Joint Stock Company has an authorized capital of 100 billion VND.

  • Company: Hanoi Seaproducts Import Export JSC
  • Tax Number: 0100102848
  • Legal Representative: Nguyen Phu Cuong
  • Registration Date: 22/12/2006
  • Address: No.20 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 24 3834 5678
  • Fax: +84 24 3835 4125
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Products: Shrimp Products, Cuttle Products, Fish Products

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