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Duong Quang Co.,Jsc is a professional business activities in the field of production and trade of metal and steel sheets, steel sheets, coils, steel U, I, L, H purlins, concrete structures, steel buildings, college authorization of North Vietnam steel Corporation, Hoa Phat, 190, VG-pIPE, etc. Thuan Phat steel pipe product distribution. Duong Quang Joint Stock Company has just been established but with the advantage of the entire board of the company who have worked many years in the metal industries and gathered from staff experienced management , a team of engineers, specialized bachelor degree graduates skilled at prestigious universities: the University of business Administration, University of Technology, University of National Economics, University of Finance and accounting, Cao College of business Administration…

Duong Quang was born with the aim and desire to serve our customers better, collective leadership and staff of the company has always pursued the philosophy of service: “Customers need what we have”. We are always aware and remember that the success and customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for the development of business today and in the future. Duong Quang always cherish values ​​for the development platform, which is the opportunity to cooperate with customers and not a difficulty which could hinder our determination to bring the utility value in line with the wishes and interests of customers.

  • Company: Duong Quang Joint Stock Company
  • Tax Number: 0104600001
  • Legal Representative: Nguyen Huu An
  • Registration Date: 21/04/2010
  • Address: Km2, Highway 3, Mai Lam Ward, Dong Anh District, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Phone: +84 24 3961 7133
  • Fax: +84 24 3961 7132
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:


  • Galvanized steel coils
  • S45C steel fabrication
  • Steel 65G, Hardox
  • Steel seamless pipe
  • XG steel mesh
  • Steel plates
  • Steel U, I, H, L
  • Steel pipe
  • Steel coil
  • Steel ciphertext
  • Mechanical processing
  • Steel purlins U, C, Z
  • Rough steel plate

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Km2, Highway 3, Mai Lam Ward, Dong Anh District, Ha Noi, Vietnam