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Kencana Print is a manufacturer of promotional materials, especially banners / cloth banners or vinyl, t shirts / various materials, and a variety of products related to other promotional activities located in the Surakarta Residency. Until now CV. Kencana Print has been established for more than 14 years, so of course we are very experienced in the field of providing promotional materials, but the experience does not make us complacent and continue to try to provide the best service and products to customers.

Currently CV. Kencana Print continues to try to speed up the production process by increasing the production shift to two shifts, morning and evening. With this, it is expected to further satisfy the customer, because the customer’s waiting list will not be too long.

  • Company: CV Kencana Print
  • Address: Padokan RT 04/RW 04 Sawahan Ngemplak Boyolali, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62 271 310 1222
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Products: Promotional Materials, Banners / Cloth Banners Or Vinyl, T Shirts / Various Materials

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Padokan RT 04/RW 04 Sawahan Ngemplak Boyolali, Indonesia