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Karya Hidup Sentosa originated from a workshop founded by Mr. and Mrs. Kirdjo Hadi Suseno in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Started the business in 1953, extraordinary working spirit of the founders had brought the company to a higher level which continued by the second generation of the family. Supported by commited and dedicated employees through its growing years, CV. Karya Hidup Sentosa has now become the largest national private company in hand tractor industry with its well-known brand “QUICK”.

Rapid development of technology and globalization are facts we can not avoid. It is a must for CV. Karya Hidup Sentosa to keep improving its technology, productivity, quality, service, management and human resource in order to survive in nowadays challenging era. Realizing the importance of those key factors, CV. Karya Hidup Sentosa perpetualy invest in such sophisticated technology of production machineries (advanced technology), run by specialized human resource. Experts (both local and abroad) are sometimes invited to support “knowledge exchange” and to improve the quality of human resource.

  • Company: CV. Karya Hidup Sentosa
  • Year Established: 1953
  • Address: Magelang 144, Yogyakarta 55241, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62 274 512 095
  • Fax: +62 274 563 523
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Products: Hand tractor, Cultivators, Combine harvesting machine, Four-wheel tractors, Tractor transport, Generator set, Spare parts, Metal casting

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