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CNS THANH PHAT Factory (CNP) is a factory of Industrial Corporation Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Since 2009, flood and erosion of embankments have widely occurred with significant frequency, directly affecting the daily life, business at some local places in Ho Chi Minh city as well as western provinces, The Saigon Industry Corporation (CNS) has built “uPVC sheet pile embankment project”. For these demand, CNS put forward a project to build a uPVC factory and invested an equipement line from Europe with 550 kg/h of productivity to supply market with 50km length of uPVC sheet pile annually.

  • Tax Number: 0311816055
  • Year Established: 2012
  • Phone: +84 28 3873 4861
  • Fax: +84 28 3873 5075

Products: uPVC U25 Sheet pile, uPVC U40 Sheet Pile, uPVC Z80 Sheet Pile

Find us

Zone C, Lot C26, Road 16, Hiep Phuoc Industrial Zone, Hiep Phuoc Commune, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam