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Since the 1900’s, Singapore has earned a reputation for producing the best medicated oils and balms. The number of renowned Singaporean medicated oils and balms now sold internationally or sought as ‘must-buys’ by tourists, evidences this legacy. Singaporeans visiting their friends and relatives overseas often bring medicated oils and balms as gifts as they are part of Singapore’s heritage.

One of the icons of this legacy is Chop Wah On – Singapore ’s most established medicated oil firm. Established in 1916 by its founder and patriarch, the late Mr. Tong Chee Leong, in Singapore ’s famous Chinatown, it has served generations of customers who swear by the efficacy of its range of products. Over the years, mainly through word-of-mouth, its reputation as purveyors of high quality and trusted medicated oils and balms has spread far and wide.

All of Chop Wah On’s products are manufactured in its own factory. They are based on secret formulations known only to immediate family members and are sold under Registered Trade Marks. Now in its fourth generation, Chop Wah On continues to retail its range of proprietary medicated oils and balms together with its signature preparation of 100% crocodile oil.

  • Company: Chop Wah On
  • Year Established: 1916
  • Address: No. 34 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058340
  • Phone: +65 6223 4349
  • Fax: +65 6221 4140
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:


  • Skin Series: Shake Hand Brand Farm Crocodile Oil 100%, Miracle CrocOil Facial Sheet Mask, Golden Crocodile Oil Lip & Skin Protectant, Conquer All Demons Tea Tree Rejuvenation Cream, Wah On Nutmeg Cream, Ti-Tree Oil Max, Shake Hand Brand Wah On Nutmeg Embrocation
  • Aromatic & Therapeutic: Shake Hand Brand Honey Bee Apitherapy, Shake Hand Brand Wah On Eucalypthol Balm, Shake Hand Brand Wah On Lao Feng Huo Luo Oil, Shake Hand Brand Singapore Gold Lion Analgesic Oil, Shake Hand Brand Gu Ci Jing, Pepo Embrocation Oil
  • Traditional Remedies: Shake Hand Brand Wah On Genuine Red Flower Oil, Minyak Gosok Embrocation, Shake Hand Brand Wah On Citronella Oil

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No. 34 Upper Cross Street, Singapore 058340