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The services that we provide are designing, manufacturing, installing, repairing, processing, constructing steel and iron fixtures plus any other related services. We place no restrictions to our business ventures, as we are always ready to serve our customers regardless of the investment and set up costs, we undertake all types of projects for all types of customers. Helping customers in solving their problems is our primary responsibility. Therefore, any type of business related to steels and iron works or machining will be our target market, amongst which the electronics industries, food industries, building industries and all types of heavy or light industries as well

  • Company: C.H.E Metal Works Sdn Bhd
  • Address: PTD 72657, Jalan Seelong Jaya 15, 81400 Senai Johor, Malaysia
  • Phone: +601 2783 6516
  • Fax: +60 7590 0324
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Products: Bucket Elevator, Carbon Steel, Diverter & Rotary Valve, Grab, Stainless Steel, Hydraulic Coil Tiltor, Dust Collector, Pressure Vessel, Rotary Heat Exchanger Dryer, Agitator / Mixer, Cyclone, Evaporator Vessel, Filter Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Hopper, Reactor, Rotary Kiln, Silo, Tanks

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