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Bangkok Inter Food Co., Ltd

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Bangkok Inter Food Co., Ltd. has extensively developed its technology and standard system to ensure on high-quality and safety outputs. We aim to become a research and development center in the areas of food products. The company is now recognized as an innovative firm and has played significant roles in the development of the nation’s food industries, especially in the areas of new product and service development. The company has also successfully provided excellent quality of product (as customer’s raw material), export-import assistance, distribution, and technical services in the areas of product applications to its customers. BIF has deployed the quality policies to help ensure only excellent products are produced. Moreover, BIF’s achievement as “The First HACCP and ISO 9001 certified on the manufacturing of rice flour, glutinous rice flour, starch and mixed flour in Asia Pacific.” Has shown its deeply concern on the quality of its product.

Concerning on the environment, BIF has introduced clean technologies by implementing waste-water treatment system (waste-water are the major waste concern in flour and starch manufacturing), through the use of the Anaerobic Fixed Film System to collect methane gas, used during electricity generation. In this way, BIF can help conserve energy, reduce green-house effects and guarantee that the nearly communities can always have their own fresh environment.“BIF” always concern on quality, and take a deeply care on commitment to deliver the orders with excellent quality and on the agreed time frame.

  • Company: Bangkok Inter Food Co., Ltd
  • Address: 383 Ladya Rd., Somdejchaophaya, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600, Thailand
  • Factory: 12 Mool Soi Wat Thiendat, Banmai, Sampam, Nakorn Pathom 73110 Thailand
  • Phone: +66 2438 3786 / +66 2861 4805 / +66 2861 4806
  • Fax: +66 2437 7937 / +66 2861 4829 / +66 2437 7937
  • Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
  • Website:

Products: Flour, Frozen, Noodles, Mochi

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383 Ladya Rd., Somdejchaophaya, Klongsan, Bangkok 10600, Thailand