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ASV Software Company was established in July 2006 by Mr. Asahara Hidetoshi (Japanese). Activity in the field of image processing software and PLC machine control software provides for Japanese mother company which manufacture automation inspection machine. The original purpose was to take advantage of the ability programming of Vietnam engineers to manufacture a cheaper visual inspection machine for the Japanese market while ensuring product quality. Therefore, the mother company enhance competitiveness.

Over time operation for over 5 years, Vietnamese engineers have been participating in many projects with Japanese engineers. So far the Vietnamese engineers have accumulated learning technology of designing manufacturing automation inspection machine with Japanese quality, but the price is much lower. Our team of engineers are proud of participating in design and manufacture high-tech machines in Vietnam and selling in Vietnam. We are very pleased to have contributed to the development of our country’s technology integrating with the development of world’s technology.

  • Tax Number: 0304473689
  • Legal Representative: Asahara Hidetoshi
  • Year Established: 2006


  • Complete visual inspection automation machine (Vision system)
  • Vision system unit
  • Programming for vision system (image processing software) (C++, Visual Basic,
  • Programming for device control (programming in PLC , C++ in PC)

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Room 18, Building 6A, Street 3, Lot 6A, Quang Trung Software Cty, Tan Hiep Chanh Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam