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Cebu Best Mango Chocolate was created to elevate the Dried Mango—a classic Cebu pasalubong—which was originally pioneered by our very own founder, and her mother in the 1970s. DECADES AGO, our founder Elizabeth’s mother gave Dried Mango as presents to friends, family, and visitors to Cebu. The homemade treats were so well-received that it became a family business.

As wonderful gifts as these Dried Mango were, they came in glass jars that were cumbersome to bring around and did not keep very long. The classic Dried Mango as we know it came to be only after years of work and research by Elizabeth, who perfected the Dried Mango recipe that extended its shelf-life and made it ideal for export.

Continuing the family legacy of innovation and gift-giving, Cebu Best Mango Chocolate was launched in early 2011 after many years of searching for the best dark chocolate to complement the sweetness and succulence of our Dried Mango.

Cebu Best Mango Chocolate was the first and original chocolate-dipped dried mango to hit the market and was an instant hit, and have since been the favourite for diplomatic giveaways, airline treats, snacks for presidential flights; it was even served and gifted to the Pope during the 2015 Papal Visit to the Philippines.

Main Products: Dried Mango, Dried Pineapple, Mango Nectar, Mango Puree, Tropical Fruits

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