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Additive Circuits (S) Pte Ltd’s venture into printed circuit boards in 1986 as a high volume manufacturer of double-sided printed circuit boards servicing the electronics industry in the Asia Pacific Regions. Situated in the western part of Singapore Island, Additive Circuits has grown to become a multi-layer printed circuit board manufacturer. Today, Additive Circuits has carved out a niche market in the high frequency, high density and high layer counts Burn-In Boards. Equipped with the latest technologies and skilled professionals, Additive Circuits is dedicated to meet the urgent requests and deliver reliable printed circuit boards on demand and punctually.

With a built-in area of 45,000sqft, our production can manage up to 30 layers of printed circuit boards, from standard FR4 double-sided printed circuit boards to high density Burn-In Boards for the semiconductor industry. With a growing world-wide market operating across a wide base of industries, Additive Circuits strife to excel in a variety of specifications and board finishes.

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