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C.S. Yap Engineering Sdn Bhd

TCF Azen Pte Ltd

PT. Leewon Industrial

Thu Duc Engineering Corporation

Chau Phu Co.,Ltd

Golden Flag Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Hanoi Electromechanical Manufacturing and Trading JSC

Nhat Linh Co.,Ltd

Thu Duc Textile Garment Engineering Company (TEXENCO)

Quang Trung Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Quoc Hung Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Cuong Thinh Electromechanical & Construction JSC

Chinh Nam Mechanical Co.,Ltd

Toan Cau Mechanic Electrical JSC (TOMECO)

Far East Asia Engineering Co.,Ltd

Long Giang Co.,Ltd

Kyowa Kako Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Nguyen Phuc Mechanical Co.,Ltd

PTH Vietnam Services And Equipment JSC

An Hung Trading And Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

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