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Vifoods Co.,Ltd

Seaproducts No.5 JSC

Viet Phu Food & Fish Corporation

Utxi Aquatic Products Processing Corporation

Trong Nhan Seafood Co.,Ltd

Trinity Vietnam Co.,Ltd

Trang Corporation

Trang Thuy Seafood Co.,Ltd

Thien Phu Seafood

Tam Phuong Nam Seafood JSC

To Chau JSC

Tin Thinh Co.,Ltd

Thuan Phuoc Seafoods and Trading Corporation

Truong Giang Fishery Holdings Corp

Tan Thanh Loi Frozen Food Co.,Ltd

Tan Hai Hoa Co.,Ltd

Tai Nguyen Seafood Co.,Ltd

Sustainable Seafood Co.,Ltd

Southern Fishery Industries Co.,Ltd

Song Tien Seafood JSC

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